AgriBusiness Ltd

Farm Management Company

About Us

AgriBusiness Limited is a Farm Management Company catering for the increasing demand of individual, corporate and international clients wishing to own or invest in agricultural property in New Zealand.

AgriBusiness Limited is able to source property suitable to the requirements of the purchaser and complete all other aspects related to the purchase and management of the property on behalf of the client.

Why Buy Farms In New Zealand?

  • New Zealand is a reasonably isolated island nation and is free of many of the diseases that other countries have.

  • New Zealand is one of the most efficient producers of agricultural based products globally with mostly grass fed animals, low cost production and simple farming systems.

  • New Zealand’s farming systems are based on a sustainable and carbon sequestering ecosystem using natural resources including sunlight, rain, pasture, soil, animals and microbes to produce the best natural food in the world.

  • There is an increasing global demand for safe, quality food with prices for naturally grown food from New Zealand expected to continue to increase.

  • Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy with strong public and government engagement.

  • The New Zealand farms are cashflow positive – typically 2 – 4 % on invested capital, with overall returns including capital gain often in excess of 5% per annum. Farms are highly sought after and relatively easy to sell.

  • Environmentally responsible nation e.g. nuclear free & GM Free.

  • Moderate climate – suited for pasture and animal production.

  • Politically stable – conservative and liberal.

  • Favourable tax laws and with essentially no tax on capital gain & no stamp duty.

  • New Zealand is a great place to visit and live.

Why AgriBusiness Ltd?

AgriBusiness Limited specialises in purchasing specific properties and managing them on behalf of individual, corporate and overseas clients with the main goal of exceeding client expectations.

AgriBusiness Limited has:

  • Significant experience in the farming and agribusiness industry.

  • A diverse range of skills – hands on farming, project work, finance, consultancy, management and ownership.

  • A professional approach to all aspects of the business.

  • A strong focus on trust, integrity, responsibility and accountability.